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Kick-off Meeting of Pre-feasibility Study of Biomass Power Plant in Perhutani Area

On Thursday, August 10th 2017, the kick-off meeting regarding the project "Prefeasibility Study of a Biomass Power Plant in Perhutani Area" was held at the Luwansa Hotel in Jakarta. The workshop was attended by units from the Perhutani, ESP3, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and the consultants.


The purpose of the meeting was to discuss workplan, identify main stakeholders and to initiate the discussion of needed input data, main assumptions and challenges. Based on the lively discussions and valuable input from Perhutani, progress was made on all issues. The expected outcome of the project is identification of favourable location of a 5-20 MW biomass fired power plant in Java including technical solutions, economic and financial considerations and approval processes.

Two main subjects were on the agenda: Firstly, it was to search for the best resource base in terms of location and choice of species. A number of selection criteria were discussed, including economy, sustainability and role of local communities and industries. Secondly the question of technology choice and importance of a favourable long-term off-taker contract was outlined and discussed. As a result of the perceived uncertainty about Feed-in Tariffs, it was decided at the workshop to include other possibilities for bioenergy, namely wood pellets.

As a follow-up, a planning meeting was held at the Perhutani office the following morning, resulting in a draft outline of four possible locations in Java that should be further investigated. The narrowing of selection criteria and technologies will be further developed and analysed. These results are planned to be presented at a midterm workshop scheduled for late September 2017.

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