Cleaning up heavy-metal contaminated land in Tegal

CleaningUpTegalESP3 together with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Committee on the Elimination of Leaded Gasoline (KPBB), as well as the Environment Agency and related government agencies from Tegal Regency held a coordination meeting to discuss clean-up of heavy-metal contaminated land, at Tegal Regency environment agency office. Over the past few years, Tegal Regency with the assistance of the Ministry of Environment has made efforts to reduce gradually the impact of toxic substances and hazardous waste of the household metal smelting in the area that has been going on for decades. One approach by the government has been to relocate the smelting from the centre of Pasarean village to a new location in Kebasen village, away from the community.

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An inheritance of batik, not pollution

Pengolahan limbah batikBatik is part of Indonesia’s internationally-recognised heritage. Increased production of batik can contribute positively to sustainable livelihoods. Nevertheless, the increase in the production of batik can also increase pollution when untreated waste water is disposed to the environment.

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Investment Grade Energy Audit training completed

IGA TrainingIn February 2015 technical and financial managers from 16 energy conservation service companies (ESCOs) participated in a 3-day training program to enhance their skills on conducting Investment Grade Energy Audits (IGA). The training, which was conducted in both Jakarta and Surabaya, was organized by the Directorate of Energy Conservation of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and financially supported by ESP3. The trainers were practitioners with vast international experience from the ESCO company EPS Capital Corp.

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Prestigious award for Danida partners

kenton-miller-award-burungDanida partners receive prestigious award for their work in the Danish supported Harapan Rainforest. Sukianto Lusli, Agus Budi Utomo, and Yusup Cahyadin from Burung Indonesia received the award in recognition of their fight to establish and improve the Ecosystem Restoration Concession regulation in Indonesia and for implementing Harapan Rainforest as the first project under the regulation.

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