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TA to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for Common Understanding and Guidance on SEA

Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for Common Understanding and Guidance on Strategic Environmental Assessment - Indonesia


Indonesia and Denmark are cooperating through an Environmental Support Programme, with the current third programme phase (ESP3) running from 2013 to 2017. The overall ESP3 development objective is to support the Government of Indonesia (GoI) in reconciling economic growth with sustainable development through improved environmental management and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Law 32/2009 on Environmental management prescribes that a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) must be conducted for all national and regional policies, plans and programmes as part of the planning process. However, the Law does not specify which Ministry/ ies should develop SEA regulations. The detailed procedure and arrangements for implementation was specified in the Regulation of the State Minister for the Environment of the Republic of Indonesia number 09/2011 concerning General Guidelines on SEA. This Regulation addresses general procedural matters but leaves detailed guidance to sectoral regulations issued by different Ministries . Since the law was introduced, several ministries have developed subsidiary legislation and guidelines concerning SEA or aspects of SEA. KLHK (PDLKWS) is therefore now facing the challenge of harmonizing and standardizing the concepts and approaches of SEA in different sectors/ministries. In order to strengthen PDLKWS’ Directorate to meet this challenge, a team of experts will be made available to provide technical advice and assistance to various processes, outputs and deliverables of the Directorate.

Objective: The specific term objective of this consultancy is to support KLHK PDLKWS with technical capability and better knowledge to facilitate its work in the preparation of SEA manuals and guidelines following the proposed draft Government Regulation on SEA and the current discussion on SEA process and mechanisms.

The overall objective of the consultancy is to contribute to a common understanding by KLHK, MOHA and other relevant ministries on the principles, concepts, methodologies, tools and diversity of applications of SEA in the Indonesian planning, policy and programme in the context of sustainable development.

Expected outputs: a) SEA benchmark development, b) Inputs on Good Practices for the Environmental Protection and Management Plan and, c) Inputs to the development of a n integrated manual on how to plan and implement SEAs in different sectors including, but not limited to: detailed spatial plans and zonation plans, marine spatial plan, coastal zonation plans and reclamation plans, infrastructure and National Strategic Zone, Forest planning and, revisions of Regional Development Plan and Provincial Spatial Plan.

Scope: The consultancy will require approximately 185 national consultant - and 12 international consultant man-days over a period of 6 calendar months. The team shall consist of four Indonesia-based national experts on SEA, environment/natural resources, environmental spatial planning and sustainable development, and one international SEA expert for editorial work and QA of manuals and guidelines.

Maximum budget: Maximum budget is 900,000 DKK

Time: The work shall be carried out from October 2016 until end of April 2017

Deadline for applications: 3 October 2016, at 16:00 Danish time

The standard application form should be used. Applications not using the standard form may be rejected. Applications received after the deadline shall be rejected.

Download application form http://um.dk/en/danida-en/business/contracts/short/contract-opportunitie/newsdisplaypage/?newsID=F39FE21B-F03F-491D-AF70-DF5E5EAE253E

Contact point: Royal Danish Embassy in Indonesia
Name of Programme Officer: Jacob Stensdal Hansen
E-mail address, Programme Officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone of Programme Officer: +62 215761478

Criteria for selection:
A minimum of three and a maximum of five applicants with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender. The consultants should have expert knowledge of Indonesian SEA regulations and practices as well as international best practices and standards.


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